Nuvera Biosciences is focused on delivering targeted diagnostic solutions that enable better selection of drug therapies for each individual in oncology.

The company has two clinically validated gene-based diagnostics focused on selection of standard-of-care therapies in breast cancer. These tests have been developed and tested by Nuvera with studies done by leading cancer institutions worldwide. Current work is actively devoted to commercial development of these assays in order to make them ready for the market.

Cancer affects more than 1 million people each year in the US alone and over 10 million worldwide annually. The ability to identify specific molecular traits in an individual tumor and match it to the best therapy outcome possible should enhance therapy effectiveness and help achieve improved patient outcomes.

Nuvera Biosciences continues to focus its science and clinical collaborations to bring these unique therapy-directed assays in breast cancer to the patient community and broaden its product pipeline towards achieving personalized medicine solutions in cancer.

21st Century Diagnostics
June 3, 2011:
Breast Cancer Genomic Test Shown to Predict Patient Survival Following Adjuvant Chemotherapy.
[ASCO Abstract] [Press Release]

May 11, 2011:
Nuvera and cancer collaborators publish validation study in JAMA of taxane chemo-response predictor in breast cancer.
[Abstract] [JAMA Press Release]

Dec 14, 2010:
Nuvera collaborators present chemo-response assay validation at San Antonio conference. More...
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